App Designer


  • Tourism Authority of Thailand


  • July – August 2016


TAT approached me with an app concept and features they wanted to implement. My task was to design an app where all of them could cohesively and intuitively fit together. I also worked as an advocate for potential users working with the TAT to modify their feature concepts as needed to improve the user experience.

It was important that the app looks and works the same on both iOS and Android and this dictated a lot of the design direction. Navigation is done through an iOS-like view picker on the bottom, which tested very well on users of both platforms.

Furthermore, the app had to be designed for 3 different markets: Western, Thai, and Chinese. This meant the paradigm had to be recognizable to a Western audience as well as a Chinese one, which has its own distinct UI quirks.

After I completed the designs, the project was handed over to an app development agency. In the development process, the agency kept the interaction flow and UX model, but reskinned the entire app to make it their own.

The app was released in late 2016. It is available on both iOS and Android.